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  • Mod a Game in Minutes, generate new Gameplay.

    Not only a game, but a endless arcade of thousands of mods to play. We enable anyone to imagine, create, and have fun with mods built by a global community of developers.

    Private test phase1 is available on Windows!
    Release is not yet available
    Next State: ⚡ Private test #2 -- Add to Wishlist!
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    Difference types of Mods
    There are many types of mods to choose from. RPG mod, Action RPG mod, FPS mod, etc.

    Multiplayer Support
    Support online mode: Competitive (Team DM, Duel, CTF, Possession, LMS, Terminator), Cooperative (Survival, Invasion or both!), MMO

    Enormous Maps
    Choose from a variety of maps to match your game type. Support various perspective, 2D, 3D, Isometric, FPS

    Skin Pack
    Not happy with the look of the skin? Change them! including weapons, players, monsters, textures, special effects,sound, music, etc.


    Make a Mod
    Create mod using our script API. No need to worry about rendering or networking; write scripts to add items and control game play.

    If you don't like scripting, you can get good mod just by reskin it with your asset.

    Server Event
    Use the c/s script API to make mods, provide various server events, such as competition services, etc.

    Make Money
    Mod download can be set as a paid mod or a free mod, choose a preferred publishing mode


    Community Account
    Feel free to create the community account, you can post or do other thing on community. But Letmod game and Mod Store need a License Key to activate first,After purchasing the License Key, you will also get a Letmod download url. Register Free

    License Key
    A license key(CD key) is your ticket to the Letmod Game. By purchasing a key you’ll get instant access to game before release, get full game access on release, receive exclusive rewards, and support the development of the game. Buy License Key

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